Monday, July 27, 2009

Trade: Leafs ship out Stralman, Stewart and a 7th for W. Primeau and Cgy's 2nd Round pick

Reaction and analysis forthcoming. But what RDS, TSN and now Sportsnet are reporting is that this deal is done: Anton Stralman, Colin Stewart (the guy from the Kubina trade) and a 2012 7th rounder are off to Calgary for Wayne Primeau and the 2011 2nd rounder.

Post your thoughts in the comments. We'll break it down and give our analysis later. Ugh, and get ready for the Cox or Berger article saying "Leafs bail on future Lidstrom" or "Leafs mortgage the future for vet." Or better yet, let's write our own full of cliches (1967!) and see how close we can get it.

For now, however, we here at TOV will consult the great oracle and present to you her findings later.


Kohma said...

Thank god Cox is on vacation.

The 2nd is the key here. Not sure how good Calgary's 2nd will be in 2011, tho.

I sure hope this makes more sense soon.

furcifer said...

I think Cox will go on a diatribe about the Leafs giving up draft picks and prospects completely ignoring the fact that they got a 2nd round pick back.

kidkawartha said...

You need to kick the Oracle's a-s, TOV. Inquiring, bored minds want to know the truth.