Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mmmbop & Tinfoil

Faithful remnant! Enjoying all the legroom on the bandwagon? We sure are. Nothing reveals "who's a true fan" like total and utter destruction. So take a good look to see who's still wearing a jersey, take mental note of his cherubic visage and put him on the list. When the Leafwagon starts to fill that list will come in handy.

So Toastkala's new robogroin hasn't fared well and he's on the shelf for the next little bit. We here at TOV aren't too worried, as this'll give The Monster the ball to run with and we get to see his mental and intestinal fortitude. Hope our Dmen can keep the other guys from crashing the crease.

Also John "fbomb" Mitchell is out for...what was it...6 weeks? Brutal. Why can't Blake get hurt? Anyway, this is great time for our favorite bespectacled hockey-god-in-waiting. Ladies and Gentlemen: Christian Hanson! This lil leafbaby has been tearing up the AHL with 18 points at around the quartermark of the season. Best on the team and he's all heart and drive. Plus he's a center. We are personally looking forward to seeing Stajan outplayed by a babyleaf anxious to take his spot.

But is this the start of a full fledged youth movement? Will Blake and Stemp and Stajan et al be demoted or traded? Well, yes and no.

Here is BB's conundrum.
First, he's looking for a trade first. Chicago is trying to keep their head above the sure-to-shrink cap next season, so there is blood in the water there. But Brent Sopel? Really? That would hopefully be a first or a Byfuglien coming back our way too for eating Chicago's garbage. (I know it's pronounced bufflin but I always read fugly + alien= fuglian!)

So if this shake-up trade happens, look for the babies to stay on the cabbage patch in Rioch because it'll mean Burke still thinks the playoffs (!!!!1!) are ascertainable this season.

But if a trade doesn't happen and dudes start being demoted and Bozak, Tlusty, Hanson, Stalberg, Hamilton and Foster come up? Well my friends, the season outlook from the GM's office has gone from "I still believe in this group of guys" to, well, see Burke's quote from today: "If we are going to struggle, we are going to struggle with kids in the lineup."

So one thing is sure: change is coming. But whether it is a trade to keep the hope-fires burnin' or a baby boom remains to be seen.

So for those of you playing at home, here is the helpful "what is BB thinking" chart:

Trade = we are pushing for a playoff birth and the youth will marinate on the farm

Demotions = the future is now! Be fruitful and multiply, leaf babies!

Our hope? Well, we agree with "The Bobby Ryan" principle. We prefer the rotten fruit to fall off the tree at the end of the year and for the kids to figure it out on their own, out of the toxic atmosphere of the big club. We don't like the way the team is now as a home for the kids. Nests before eggs.

But you know whatever change does happen, the bandwagon will again start filling up. Hope you got your list made.

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Kleric said...

I do not care what the leafs do. At this point, I want to see a player, other than Kessel, that can shoot the puck past the opponents goalie. If that is a Marlie... great. If that is through a player they trade for ... great.

If I see another shot taken at the goalies chest or pads I am gonna freak (which would be interesting when vested in an alb and stoll. Perhaps a thurable full of smoking frankensence would help during the game...)

Blake needs to be taken around behind the barn and taken care of. Stajan just needs to leave.

I would rather have my legs cramped on the wagon, than stretched out like they are.