Thursday, December 10, 2009

Small Kessel Thought

Faithful remnant! We know we've been off the reservation for a bit now, and we have resumed our blogging mantle. Epic win posts to come! However, for now, we give you one small Phil Kessel thought:

Kessel got benched in the playoffs when he was playing in Boston. This was apparently because he was channeling the god of suck. But then he went on a Philtear and played like gangbusters. This speaks to his character: failure, learning, killin' it.

So, Leaf faithful. Tonight is a big night. After being on the business end of an open can the other night, the Leafs roll back into Beanieville. Watch #81 tonight. Will his pride put an extra spring in his step tonight? Or will he pinch out another stinker. Tonight we get to learn a bit about the character of Phil Kessel. Something we need to get a handle on for moving forward.

We predict a solid game and a sick goal. 4-2 Leafers.


Oh, and it's good to be back. Look for the TOV Christmas wishlist coming up.


Kleric said...

Holy Crap you are alive!

I was thinking the same thing about Kessel. I am going to be bold and state that Kessel gets a pair tonight.

I was wondering if this god of suck you speak of has inhabited the Toronto Maple Leaf goaltenders? Perhaps this would explain why Toskala has remembered to catch with with is catcher instead of waving it at the puck? Supernatural explanations are always more interesting.

Perhaps this will help our beloved team. Let us pray:

"Oh lord of this faithful remnant banish the god of suck and his suckitude to the nether regions of our ever changing opponents. Let them be a worthy vessel, and not our beloved Kessel, of your putrid suckiness and generally vaccumous nature. We ask this all through your holy prophet and wonderous numeral, #17, the Wendel Clark. Amen.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

I predict 7 goals from Kessel tonight. Huge.