Friday, August 7, 2009

Make some room on yo' shelf!

Comrades, the good people over at Maple Leaf Hot Stove have announced an exciting new Leafs publication: the 2009-2010 Maple Leafs Annual! And it appears to be 100% Cox and Berger free. So you wont read it and feel guilty for being a fan!

Read all about it here .

We here at TOV cannot wait to get our hot little hands on this sure-to-be gem. Rebuilding analysis!? We're giddy! We love rebuilding analysis. We started a blog to talk about St Brian and his Burkian building bravado. We can't wait to read it! We can't wait to debate their points and opinions! We can't wait for more hockey talk because we're sick of spending two hours on NHL 09 trying to create a fake Nazem Kadri and restarting our dynasty league.

So, pop open a bottle today, O barilkosphere, because Alec Brownscombe and the guys as PPP and MLHS are makin' us legit! They're rising to the top and taking us with them.

Friends, I have seen the future of the Leafs Blogging community. One day we'll all be sitting in a sports bar owned by Wendel Clark as the Leafs are in the playoffs. In will walk Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie and they will see us, get all shy and giddy, proclaim "look Bob, it's the barilkosphere!" and buy us a round. Can you see it?

We can.

Find your favorite Leafs Stein and lets raise a glass to true fans

Keep the faith


Order and preorder your own copy here


Junior said...

Can we have chicken wings too? And poutine with extra gravy? And pizza?

You know, the "Wellwood special." '

'Cause that would be fun.

GBDonaldson said...

Do they pay the Leafs insider enough for us to have wings?

TML Central said...

I've already cleared 1 cm on my shelf to facilitate the incoming magazine.

I feel the exact same way - screw these so called 'expert' morons who really don't give two shits about fans. The Barilkosphere is the beating heart of the fanbase and all Leafs fans should come to know this.

GBDonaldson said...

True that. We are starting to do a much better job than they are